Why SWASA N95 should be the first choice?

  1. Nelson-USA, SITRA, ISO, CE and GMP Tested
  2. Leak proof and Ergonomical design that fits all Asian faces
  3. 99.9% Protection against Virus and Bacteria
  4. Innovated & Developed at SIDBI Incubation, IIT Kanpur
  5. 100 hours Reusable
  6. GMP Manufacturing facility
  7. 100% Anti-allergic
  8. Comfortable breathing
  9. BIS & ISI certified

Why SWASA comes without exhale valve during COVID-19

Exhale valve is just a non-return valve work while breathing. When a person inhales, the valve closes, and when he exhales, the valve opens. This process provides more breathing comfort. The exhale valve does not have any filter attached to it to filter the exhaled air. Thus, a COVID19 infected person who wears a mask with an exhale valve, contaminates the surrounding by spreading the virus because the exhaled air that comes out from the valve is not filtered.

Considering the COVID 19 pandemic, we always promote Swasa mask without an exhale valve for human life protection.

Minimum layers, maximum efficiency

Please don’t incline your views and select your face mask on the basis of construction layers. More the layers, more uncomfortable it is to breathe. The important criteria is the filtration efficiency of layers and its functionality as per required applications. Today, many face masks sold in the market highlight the number of layers in it instead of their filtration efficiency which is not logical.