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SWASA N95 Mask is Innovated & Developed by E-Spin Nanotech Private Limited at SIDBI Incubation, IIT Kanpur. It has 99% filtration efficiency against virus, bacteria, pollen, dust particle, mist and other pollutants. The Leakproof and Ergonomical design that fits all Asian faces. The mask has very good breathability which helps us to wear for longer duration in regular life.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14.5 × 12 cm


Mask Type

Half Mask

Respirator Type


Mounting Type


Suitable for


Melt Brown Fabric Used




Manufacturer Details

ESPIN Nanotech Pvt. Ltd.


white, black

PM 2.5 Filtration protection


PM 0.3 Filtration protection


Virus Protection


Bacteria Protection


Other Pollutants


Nose Pin

Yes adjustable

Ear Loop

OEKO-TEX Standard

Leak Proof

99% leak proof against air

Mist trap layer




Pressure drop

Very Low


Universal fit


100 hours


24 reviews for SWASA N95 MASK – PACK OF 20

  1. Ranjana Sharma

    Can you please cover little below the chin so that there is no gap down there for the direct air. The mask or face covering should cover your nose, mouth and chin, without gapping.

  2. kristam sivaraj (verified owner)

    Fitting of the mask is good for an average weight face
    But who are lean have a discomfort of mask which is ill fitting

  3. Yoginder

    Please try to cover chin side little bit more. The elastic should be a bit of better quality not to hurt ears. Very good quality mask. I appreciate the efforts and the makers of this Mask.

  4. caanjusandeep (verified owner)

    Highly praisable effort in times of need by intellectuals of our country. Mask is comfortable , can be worn for long hours and of course safe as well .

  5. caanjusandeep (verified owner)

    Highly praisable initiative by intellectuals of our country at the time of need.Masks are very comfortable ,can be worn for long hours and safe as well.

  6. Kuldeep Singh (verified owner)

    Nice product delivery fast and one cannot doubt on quality

  7. Akash sharma

    refer to be find perfect

  8. Parag k K

    No Fog on Specs’s, looking for the same for long. Good Quality.

  9. Yogesh Sharma (verified owner)

    Ultimate product. 10 out of 10 on parameters of safety and comfort.

  10. umesh_shukla

    Do you plan to make mask which can be fitted over the head rather than over the ear? The ones over ear are less comfortable to wear and hurt the ear especially when worn for long hours.

    • Akanksha

      We are planning to come up with head loops to go with SWASA N95 masks soon.

  11. drmanjit112

    Used 50 masks.Highly satisfied. Running a small hospital.

  12. Pawan

    Fits well. Very comfortable to wear.

  13. dr_dutta (verified owner)

    Very comfortable fitting. Completely seal the nose and mouth. Used about 100 mask
    In hospital. Efficiency is certified. Excellent mask.

  14. Anoop Mathur

    Ultimate product. 10 out of 10 on parameters of safety and comfort.

  15. lakshman

    excellent mask made in India be proud to your team those who design and executed congratulation all off them

  16. J R RATHOD (verified owner)

    Mask must be modified to cover the chin properly, or the company should make masks of different sizes

  17. Chandra Shekhar

    Good experience. Should cover the face a bit more. Breath exits over nose.should be more airtight alaround

  18. Chandra Shekhar

    Good value for price

  19. Rabeesh (verified owner)

    Wonderful mask having highest quality standards for protection against covid 19 which is our primary motive I.e safety. Please make pack of 30 if it is possible.

  20. Rabeesh kumar Singh (verified owner)

    Wonderful mask having highest quality standards for protection against covid 19 which is our primary motive I.e safety and comfort. Good initiative by swasa team proud to be an indian. A advise to improve slite air gap in nose clip region.

  21. Rajeev Ranjan (verified owner)

    it is still tough and painful over the ears. design a mask where elastic is behind the back of head, so that it is easy to wear it for long duration at stretch.

    • swasadmin

      Hi Rajeev,
      Thank you for the advice. We are actually coming up with adjustable head loops soon.

  22. Priyank Chaturvedi

    Best mast tried everything…
    Only drawback had to order from third party as they don’t allow cash on delivery

  23. vishnualluri699 (verified owner)

    Good product

  24. Rajesh

    Mask is too big for ladies and people with smaller face. String hurts at the back of the ear after 2-3 hrs. Should be available with elastic string at the back of head instead of ears for greater comfort.

    Otherwise good mask, satisfied

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