SWASA 3 Ply Mask – Pack of 50

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SWASA 3 Layer Surgical Mask is Innovated & Developed by E-Spin Nanotech Private Limited at SIDBI Incubation, IIT Kanpur. Its inner layer is a skin-friendly non-woven fabric. The middle layer (melt-blown) is the most important the core layer, which uses a melt spray cloth with electric treatment to filter bacteria and viruses. The outer layer is waterproof non-woven fabric

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14.5 × 19 cm
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency


PFE At 0.3 Microns


Splash Resistance



45 Pa/cm²


Class 1


18 reviews for SWASA 3 Ply Mask – Pack of 50

  1. Geetu Gambhir

    Would have been perfect if the ear loops were more flexible.

    • swasadmin

      Hi Mr. Gambhir,
      SWASA will soon come with adjustable loops so that everyone can wear it without any hassle.

  2. Sanjeet Singh (verified owner)

    Excellent quality product 4.5 out of 5, ear loop is slightly loose else a perfect 5 star rated product, my best wishes for SWASA team

    • swasadmin


      Thank you for the appreciation. Loose ear loop will no be an issue anymore! We will launch SWASA masks with adjustable head loops by the end of this week.

      Team SWASA

  3. anir99 (verified owner)

    Awesome quality! and very comfortable for use for many hours at a stretch. I have a request, I see you have a children’s version of the Swasa mask, could you consider make a children’s version of these surgical masks too?

  4. Sunal Krishna Kabiraj Thakur

    Excellent quality of masks no doubt. However ear loops is an issue. It is too long to wait for ear loop option.

    • Akanksha

      Thank you for your appreciation. We were actually about to launch head loops this week itself but due to some technical issues, we will do it next week. Apologies for the delay. We are trying to launch it a soon as possible.

      Team SWASA.

  5. Advocate Ajay

    This is the 5th item I ordered masks from Swasa, but this time swasa 3 ply mask ( 50 masks pack ) outer package came completely torn from below.

    My suggestions:
    1. The pack you send to customers is not even sealed from the top. Please seal the pack before posting it
    2. Check the package is not torn from any side before sending
    In this COVID-19 times, please pay attention to such critical details.

    • swasadmin


      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Our 3 ply boxes are sealed but soemetimes, the adhesive is not stromg enough to hold the seal for a very long time. That occurance is rare but it happens. The boxes and the outer pack are both checked before dipatching. Any torn pack/box you may have received must be the result of wear and tear during the transit. We have not received any complaints regarding torn pack/box prior to this. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvinience you faced. We will work more on our packing so that such issues can be avoided.

      Team SWASA

  6. anish ramagiri

    very flexible to use breathable

  7. anish ramagiri

    breathable, protect, and good quality. in time delivery




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  10. Minnie Mehta (verified owner)

    Have you now got these masks with adjustable ear loops?

    • swasadmin


      We regret to inform you that the surgical masks do not come with adjustable loop.

      Team SWASA

  11. Lawrence Dass (verified owner)


  12. ashishnewar

    Do SWASA 3ply surgical mask have nose pin to adjust the mask for proper fit



      Yes, surgical masks have nose pin.

  13. Ajay Kumar (verified owner)

    I got surgical masks two days back, but there is no logo of SWASA embossed on the masks. Please try to embossed the logo on the masks

  14. R Sreenivas (verified owner)

    The pack was delivered with the seal broken. As brought out by Mr Ajay Kumar in is review, there is no logo of SWASA on the masks. When we buy a product for the reliability and quality attached with its brand, a small indicating the authenticity of the brand should visible for customer satisfaction



      Thank you for our feedback. We get your point and have forwarded it to our designing team for seeing the feasibility.

      Team SWASA

  15. R Sreenivas (verified owner)

    The pack was delivered with the seal broken. As brought out by Mr Ajay Kumar in his review, there is no logo of SWASA on the masks. When we buy a product for the reliability and quality attached with its brand, a small logo indicating the authenticity of the brand should visible on the mask for customer satisfaction


      Dear Sir,

      We apologize for the broken seal of your box. We make sure to check the seal before we dispatch it from here. The seal must have broken in transit. The products inside were untouched after being put into the box. Nevertheless, we understand this should have have happened and have forwarded your query to the relevant deptt. so that they can replace the current seal with stronger ones.

  16. Sakar Palecha

    I could not find the details whether the surgical masks have rigid /flexible nose clip or pin
    Otherwise seems very good



      They are adjustable.

      Team SWASA

  17. RAJANI PARATE (verified owner)

    I just received my order on 28th April 2021. In it the outer plastic package was intact and sealed but the box of ‘SWASA 3 Ply Mask – Pack of 50’ was torn and half open. It might have opened due to transit. Please give attention to properly seal it before dispatch as the safety is the greatest concern nowadays. Also the elastic earloops are loose and so for some people it is not fit.
    Thank you

  18. SONAL Rathore (verified owner)

    I have ordered for SWASA 3 Layer Surgical Mask and after 10 Days I have received phone called SWASA 3 Layer Surgical Mask is not available. In the website you are taking ordered, plz clarify. MY Ordered number [Order #20701] (April 27, 2021), Ordered itme SWASA 3 Ply Mask – Pack of 50 1 ₹449.99



      We are currently no accepting orders of Swasa Surgical Masks. Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

      Team SWASA

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